Banana web as a full- service internet agency specialized in the realization of professional websites . Are you looking for a professional website with a professional design ? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our team of internet specialists has extensive experience in developing graphically beautiful and technically good websites , always fully customized . In addition we use when building websites our experience with search engine visibility .

Internet Advice

The possibilities are endless on the Internet . We can advise you perfectly in this process and guide . Let yourself why our team with the right internet advice to get the maximum out of the Internet


In our professional designs , the wishes of our customers obviously central. But we ensure that your website not only looks attractive, but the graphics of your website is functional . Are obviously different requirements than a print design , such as an ad or a brochure . On a web design We have therefore specialized web designers.

Manage your website yourself

With the Content Management System of Banana -web you can manage your website without knowledge of the art in terms of content and include images themselves . So you assure yourself of an actual website , which for example also in turn benefit the findability .

Optimization for search engines

When the website is online it started , but good to be well in search engines like Google is much more involved . Findable We have extensive experience in search engine optimization .


Are you curious about what we can do for your business please feel free to contact us!

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