Bananaweb as a full- service internet agency specialized in realizing professional conversion -oriented shops. The number of online shops on the Internet is becoming more numerous and the consumer has now embraced this way of shopping , especially because of the convenience . Our programmers have extensive experience in developing successful and well converting webshops , aimed at both consumers and businesses . Everything is possible , from a simple web shop to shop with a wide variety of couplings.

Webshop advice

Because we have extensive experience in realizing webshops we can tailor shop give you advice or help in starting an online store .

Online marketing for a webshop

A shop can not do without customers . So we will go together to find profitable customers through sophisticated online marketing. Search engines and findability play an essential role .

Webshop start or optimize ?

Do you have plans to start a shop or do you want us a critical look at your current shop ? Please contact us!

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